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We provide a mediation service which assists with contentious employee relations issues ranging from conflict issues, unresolved grievances, claims of bullying or harassment and other situations that may not be resolved through informal channels. Mediation is a confidential process in which an independent third party assists those with differences to reach their own resolution for solving them.

There are 4 stages in the process of mediation:

1. Preparation - meet with the individuals separately to explain the process, agree the ground rules and answer any questions.

2. Understanding the issues - meet with both parties together, review the ground rules, discuss and jointly identify the issues.

3. Developing Options – meet with both parties together, look at ways to resolve the matters and agree on the best options.

4. Reaching Agreement - both parties reach agreement on how to resolve the issues and move on.

Mediation is a useful, informal, confidential and safe method of resolving a variety of employee relations issues.  The mediator is independent, neutral and does not adjudicate or give decisions on the rights or wrongs of the actions of the parties. The mediator supports the parties in identifying the issues and needs and in exploring how those needs can be addressed and the issues might be resolved. The parties and the mediator agree the terms of the mediation at the outset and the length of the process may vary depending on the type of issue to be dealt with. Contact us for more details.

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